How To…?

SLT – trains the stance and the elbow

Wall Bag – trains elbow control, short punching distances, timing, precision

Dan Chi Sao – Develop the elbow

Chum Kiu – Develops the, kick, step, pivot, the easiest way for fighting, balance, syncronicity (specifically Bong/Wu – Kwan Sau)

Muk Jong – Improves “shock force”, precision, timing, elbow, balance, cut the way, limits of actions, syncronicity, chum kiu

Bil Jee – How to cut ones losses

Luk Dim Boon Kwan – Improves force, punching power and precision, improved foot speed, timing.

Baat Cham Do – Awareness of danger, Improved foot speed and evasion tactics. How to fight any other weapon (expect firearms)

Poon Sao – force improvement, lat sau jik chung, punching power.

Seung Ma/Toi Ma – Balance, structure, step, alignment, force

Laap Sao – improve the elbow, syncronicity of punch/jut sau, rotation of bong sau, smooth changes, balance, cut the way

Chi Sao/Gor Sao/Sparring – uses all the above.

There you go. Basic thinking. Now you know everything. “

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