The Goal of PB VT

The system of Ving Tsun by Master Wong Shun Leung through interpretation of Sifu Philipp Bayer is more and more clear to me as a fighting system.
We all know what is fight and how fight should end…(one standing the other not).
With the clear principals of Ving Tsun which are known to all wing chun/ving tsun/win tsun styles, systems and training methods and that principals are Directnes, Efficiency, Simlicity; and with correct thinking and training for fight we make our behavior excatly for fighting with a goal to win.
The principals are known (as words) to everyone, written on every wall on many photos, books, stories, but one thing is 100% sure that nobody are use it correct, the people only think that they know, as I am before, as I see what people train, do, practise, and its all good fun, but its not good to think that is for fighting! When you train Tennis, its only for tennis. Of course you can punch someone with backend forehand, but what if you miss!?
So, in PhB interpretation and method of training is clearly using the principals of Ving Tsun as you have it in the book, mind, photo are wall, and with methodical training you train your attributes only for fighting, nothing else!

“The goal of every Ving Tsun practitioner that Ving Tsun skills can use as he train and learn. What is the idea of “one” who train some applications and choreography wing chun and when fight he do Tennis punch ?? and No wing chun. That’s happening cause there are no attributes for fighting builded by training methods.
That’s why we say that WSLPHB VT is a skill, not the art, cause skill you can prove by fighting but art is always just art and everybody can do good art. Maybe painter can fight with a brush but for sure boxer will knockout him!!
Skills must become “alive” for one who train it and with correct thinking that is possible.
It’s on his own experience acquired by training and practice.


Everything is connected so the forms are very important.
In the forms Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee, Wooden Dummy, Long Pole and Butterfly Knives, and in exercises Chi Sao, Poon sao,
Lap sao, Sparring exercises, and numerous drills and various exercises (Wall bag, heavy bags, fast balls … etc)
practitioner train ving tsun as how it is a further expression of the individual.
Although the largest percentage of the world ving tsun divided into sets, I have yet learned how I listed above
in a order, but all at once, and so teach my students, but the order must exist
because without a well-trained SLT (BASE) no quality ving tsun alone,
so no Biu Jee, poles and swords and everything else, it is no secret but if you get up right to work without good base, you send
distorted picture of ving tsun to the practitioner and comprehensive understanding of the same.

WSL Ving Tsun by the system and my teacher Philipp Bayer has a form and is not formless.
We do exercises to perfections for the the structure of the body and movement that would eventually be “formless” and free to use in the fighing as we create certain behavior!
In sparring and in the real time we train our behavior only for one thing and I write it here several time and I write once more; THAT IS FIGHTING SKILL!
And when you reach a high level of skill, then the result IS POSSIBLE variations and changes as each attacker is very “live” and
our VING TSUN becomes a very “live” !!.

How will you manage to apply your ving tsun, only depends on
how it realistic in training and realize how much time you spend in a quality exercises, exploration and development of its Ving Tsun!
It is very important that someone who train fighting by vt system, have in mind the principles and create bahavior by that principlals or he loose a lot of time without correct thinking.
Ask your self for real, can you use the stuff you train in real actions, and yeah, you can easy test it. Go to boxing gym and try with a boxer. Olso with your sparring partners or students; and if you punch them while they freeze like a monument, yeah, you can do it, but motivate them to strike back. Than is very difficult to do something if its not builded for fighting.
Ventilator have use only to move the air, and with tennis racket you punch tennis ball, but you can knockout someone with wooden part of tennis racket( No need for wing chun than ) !!

My long experience with various martial arts and wing chun build some kind of foundations in me but Sifu Philipp Bayer is a clear genius person with so clean mind and clear way of thinking, olso marvelous ving tsun skills and he know how to transfer his ideas to the others who are enough clever to understand it. Thank you sifu for all you did!

Now I see a long road infront of me and my group of Ving Tsun Kung Fu brothers and sisters in Serbia!! :)))

Nenad Koviljac

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