Philipp Bayer

Philipp Bayer was born on 5 February 1956, felt already attracted early Far Eastern martial arts. In 1970, the supply of combat systems in Germany was still very limited. First and foremost, there were schools of Japanese and Korean styles.

Until 1976 he was interested the Shotokan Karate, then, until 1979, he worked successfully with Tae-Kwon-Do. In 1979 demonstrated the then sole representative Wing Chun Kung Fu. The reaction of the German martial arts scene in the Chinese martial system was similar to that in the collection of Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Judo and Tae-Kwon-Do. Through a variety of demonstrations, the system could soon make a name. The directness of the combat system meant for many already active martial artist a fresh start. Including Philipp Bayer graduated from the first encounter with Wing Chun and the obtained information that he had now found what he had in his hopes and expectations always been associated with Chinese martial arts. Immediately he began the sole representative of the system in Germany with the training. With the loss of his left hand in the fall of 1980 appeared his Wing Tsun career ended. His former coach were not ready to deal with this handicap. Neither the obvious desire Philipp Bayer Ving Tsun to learn, yet the money invested and the applied time paid. It was clear to him that problems would arise, which account for another WT study impossible.

Confronted with a fait accompli, he decided on the spot, so in Hong Kong, to be informed. After visits with various teachers, he found, in January 1983, Wong Shun Leung. Sifu Wong accepted the ambitious German than students in the traditional sense. He sat down seriously dealing with the problem of a missing hand and put the training in terms of it. Moreover, Wong Shun Leung offered an insight into the background of the Ving Tsun dispelled the illusions provoked in Germany and could answer questions. The logic, directness and effectiveness of the system, represented by Wong Shun Leung, brought Philip Bayers previously believed unattainable technologies within reach. Through the internalization of Ving Tsun could be transferred to its applicability in many areas. Back in Germany, he was able to convince many seriously interested in the effectiveness of traditional Ving Tsuns. Some schools changed immediately under his leadership. 1983 Philipp Bayer officially launched the “Ving Tsun Martial Art Association” (VTMAA) to give the Ving Tsun from Wong Shun Leung in Europe the rightful place can. To expand his knowledge and skills and to complete, he traveled back to Hong Kong and invited Wong Shun Leung to Germany. The internal feuding of the Ving Tsun system and private changes led Philipp Bayer to withdraw from the official Ving Tsun scene and the training just to hold in private.

In 1990 he founded, and sometimes because of the obvious need to. Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association Europe and thus tried to inform the public about traditional Ving Tsun Regularly throughout Europe find seminars with Philipp Bayer least annually visited Wong Shun Leung’s German students. Through the close cooperation between the two, and especially by the openness of Wong Shun Leung Philipp Bayer gained such a broad knowledge and a skill that he is now possible to help others to find their Ving Tsun. The commitment and energy applied to Philipp Bayer Ving Tsun to give the value in Europe that it deserves, is exemplary. Very personable along with great humor always has his modesty. Among his Ving Tsun friends he feels comfortable and enjoys their company. Next is also noteworthy that more clearly noticeable is how much fun he has at Ving Tsun. It turns almost everything about Ving Tsun, and also in his private life, he is always present.

He’s concerned with teaching and spreading Wong Shun Leung’s Ving Tsun system across Europe. He owns his school in Menden, Germany and travels all over the world giving seminars.

  1. Hallo Mein Name ist Derek Ian Molintas Jr, Ich bin von den Philippinen und haben eine Ving Tsun-Fan seit 1997, wenn es “gezeigt wurde, aber nie gelehrt, aber nicht die Möglichkeit haben, sich an den Künsten zu studieren. Studiere ich You Tube, Google und Facebook für alle möglichen Wege, um Online die Kunst des Lernens innerhalb oder außerhalb des Landes. bekommen Alles was ich sage ist, sind Ihre Videos inspirierend, weil sie etwas anspruchsvoll zu erreichen versuchen, trotz der Hindernisse. Du hast mich inspiriert zu suchen Ving Tsun, wo immer es hier oder irgendwo ist und zu trainieren, unabhängig von den Quoten.

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Inspiration Sifu Philipp Bayer. Übersetzt von Google.

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