Academy Dragon


The main purpose of this Academy  is to gather members and supporters of our Dragon Association, and help in mutual communication,sharing knowledge,and introducing with our and Wong Shun Leung work.

In our Training class we promote Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun by Philipp Bayer lineage. We olso promote Chinese Boxing, San Da / Sansho fighting and Jujitsu grappling fighting.
Our way of training implies healthy living, self-discipline, motivation, determination and commitment. Many people manage to conquer fear, neutralise stress, acquire physical and intellectual harmony by practicing art of Wing Chun. We administer a safe and relaxed learning environment irrespective of age, gender, size and level of fitness.

Our main purpose in training is to increase someones potetial and ability to protect himselfe with effective  techniques during hand to hand confrontation in a no-nonsense realistic manner. Although protecting oneself remains a human right, the first rule of true self-defence is to avoid conflict and never deploy your skills indiscriminately. Increased tolerance, self-awareness, assertiveness and the ability to not underestimate others are very important elements for avoiding potentially unpleasant situation.

No matter what age, physical condition or preconceived notions you might have, please contact us. We stand behind the education we provide.
Whether it be Bully-Proofing your child or Rape Prevention courses, your needs and questions come first. Please let us share our proud family tradition of Martial Arts with your family.



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