Fight Club Dragon


The Fight Club Dragon is more than form of self defence and combat system.
Martial Arts engender systematic practice – improving abilities such as agility,
strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination.

Students develop self-control, determination and concentration, and they can also reduce their stress.
Individuals learn lots about themselves and also their sense of respect and harmony in the world in
which they live.

Fight Club help people discover themselves and their environment.

fc dragon

We cover every type of Martial Arts style, from the current in vogue styles to new
hybrid and free form styles of combat.

We provide a comprehensive choice of Martial Art classes in real training situations
conducted by several Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioners with over 15 years
Kung Fu practise experience in Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy Dragon – Master Nenad Koviljac,
and a lot of live fighting and combat experience from life.

Come to FIGHT CLUB DRAGON – SREMSKA MITROVICA and practise “Fighting” with us.

Trainings in Dragon Gym every saturday from 18:00 to 20:00

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