Long Poles

Dragon Poles-Long Poles for Ving Tsun-Wing Chun.

Theese are good quality poles made from one part (hardwood) or from two parts in leinght sticked with glue, made from Conifer and Canadian Poplar lumber, or from Ash and Oak tree; depends of customer wish and opportunities. The poles I made in standard 2.8 meters in length X 4cm to 2,5cm in diameter, or different measures as customers want.

The Poles are hand crafted, they are Strong, Sturdy, Heavy and durable,,,but No wood is indestructible !


The Long Pole is a weapon between 8 and 10 feet long and is made out of very hard, strong, but flexible wood and looks like a giant pool cue. The best is when is made from Red Oak hard but flexible wood, and weighs between 5 and 6 pounds. If you are an average sized or larger sized male you should probably use a 9 foot pole for training purposes but some of my customers want a larger and heavier pole. If you are a smaller male  or a female you should probably use an 8 and a half foot pole, unless you are exceptionally strong.

The pole is a relatively recent development in Ving Tsun. It is probably derived from the other kung fu styles, but the movements were modified to suit the ving tsun principles. In Wing Tsun the pole is never used in a swinging motion, but instead in a stabbing motion, like a spear but without the metal point. The grip is also narrower in Ving Tsun than in the pole forms of other Kung Fu styles and the steps, performed mostly from a low shaolin style horse stance, use the unique Ving Tsun penetration force.


or you can order by phone: +38162 567 551 or email: sifunenad@yahoo.com

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