Punching training

Very important thing in Ving Tsun is “Punching Power”. You can do nothing at the and if you cant finnish your opponent!

So, punching power and punching training is very important and we have few methods for good punch.
There is training on the “Wall Bag”.  Wall bag is a like a small pillow hanging on the wall and ready to  apply punches.
It is very good exercises cause wall is static and you train your body to adopt energy to the ground and to the wall while you make your punches. Than when you practise this type of exercises for a while, you get a better feeling when you deal with your opponent in a drill or in a fight.

Another exercise is with a Big heavy bag.  Punching with controling punches in a heavy bag grow your feelings for a good punch more better, cause heavy bag is moving and if you do your exercise correctly you will learn to bring your punch with maximum power with foreward energy and penetration. Olso when you practise low punch (from Biu Jee form) on the heavy bag, you can learn to adopt the power and to bring maximum power to a side of your opponent, cause when you train, the bag is always come to you and you must stop it with a punch.

Training for speed and precision we do with a Tennis Ball or “Speed Ball”.
We train to hit the ball while the ball flying around very quickly, but without the body in, just with the hands and direct punch.  With that exercise we correct our speed to a higher level and cause of motion of the ball we correct our precision and learn to find our target in every moment.

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